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Clean your Car

a man cleaning his car windows
Have you ever been embarrassed to give your friends a ride home in your car because of how messy it is? Don’t worry. It’s normal to have a car that might be a little messy. To combat the messiness of your car, we’ve gathered some tips in this week’s One East Tucson Blog to help you clean your car both inside and out.

Wash the Exterior

The exterior of your vehicle is the part that everyone sees when you’re driving around town or heading to work or school. Because it’s what everyone sees, we suggest giving it a good wash! Head to the store to grab some car soap and start washing from the top down. Doing so will allow gravity to aid you in bringing any bigger particles to the ground, helping you to avoid your cloth picking up those particles and scratching your car. Make sure to rinse your cloth out regularly!

We suggest not using dish soap when washing your vehicle, as it strips the wax and can make your car look dull!

Detail the Interior

Start cleaning the interior by removing any clutter or unwanted items from your car. Remove any trash, take out those extra jackets, and collect all your necessary car items in one place. Once you’ve done that, you can finally get to the real cleaning! Remove the floor mats and shake them out on the curb. Then, take a vacuum to the carpeted floor as well as your seats. Grab a cloth and dust off the dashboard. Wipe down any crevices you see, like the cup holders and the doors. Once the cleaning is done, replace the floor mats and you’ll have a car that’s like new.


Making sure that your car is always clean is a difficult feat, but it’s possible! Find an organizational system that works for you. If it helps, place a trash can in your car so that you have a place to put your garbage.

Do you have any good car care tips for our Tucson, AZ apartment community? Let us know by leaving a comment!